BOOK 2 in the Occultex Series is here!


"Last year, the Occultex team participated in one of the largest paranormal investigations in history.  

And now they're broke. 

While running odd jobs for the Lazlo twins, Clark and Zeke lose track of a drug-addled, geriatric necromancer. 

It's a mad race across the strangest corners of the city as Occultex tries to find their missing necromancer before incurring the wrath of the Lazlos. 

I really can't wait to get this one into your hands. Right now, pre-orders are available for ONLY $.99


If you send me proof of your pre-order, I'll send you one of the FIRST stories I ever wrote. 

In junior high. 

I don't know if you'll laugh or be worried, because if this was written in ANY junior high in the United States in the year 2021 ... well, I'd go to jail. 

But it was the '90s, so if you're interested in what kind of story a 12-year-old could write that would make his homeroom teacher scream at him (true story!), then you're in for a treat.


Do you guys want to join a cult?

I mean, "cult" is a strong word. A group? A social club? First, we need to pledge our eternal fealty to some sort of dark god. 

But then we need MATCHING T-SHIRTS!

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